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Build tracking URLs and PURLs,
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Real-Time Webhooks and
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with the data. is the wave of the future & we own it.

Direct Mail API, or, as we call it DMAPI, is where your mail becomes smart. Integrate with any resource and send letters, postcards, self-mailers, catalogs, promotional products, walldecor and much more. Get advanced analytics and access to state of the art image enhancement to make lasting impacts.

Programmatic Direct Mail at it's finest.

Programmatic direct mail can offer a number of benefits over traditional direct mail methods. For example, it allows for more precise targeting of specific demographics or customer segments, which can increase the effectiveness of the campaign. Additionally, it can be more cost-effective, as the automation of certain tasks can reduce labor costs.

One of the key components of programmatic direct mail is the use of data and analytics. This can include tracking customer behavior, demographics and purchase history, in order to create highly targeted mailing lists. This data can also be used to optimize the content of the mailer, in order to increase its effectiveness.

Another important aspect of programmatic direct mail is the integration of digital channels. This can include using email, SMS or social media to complement the direct mail campaign and increase customer engagement.

Overall, programmatic direct mail is an advanced and cost-effective way of sending direct mail campaigns, utilizing technology, data and analytics to optimize results and increase return on investment.

Customers Love the Lift.

Increase in accurate in-home dates 38%
Customer Satisfaction on ease of use after integration 86%
Reduction in return-mail 24%
Interaction Lift 55%
Reduction in mail-management costs 59%
Physical Mail as easy as Email? 100%

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DMAPI is a retailers dream.

A retail store, for example, has an online and physical store, and tracks customer behavior, purchase history and demographics, using that data to build a comprehensive customer profile. They could use programmatic direct mail to:

Send personalized catalogs to customers who frequently purchase clothing items, featuring the latest fashion trends and a special discount for their next purchase.

Send a reminder postcard to customers who abandoned their online shopping cart, providing them with a special offer to complete their purchase.

Send a direct mail piece to customers who haven’t made a purchase in the last six months with a special offer to come back to the store.

Send a postcard to customers who live within a certain radius of the store, promoting an upcoming sale event.

Additionally, the retailer can also use digital channels such as email or SMS to complement the direct mail campaign, by sending follow-up messages or providing tracking information. By using programmatic direct mail, the retailer can save time and money while making sure the campaign is delivered at the right time and to the right person, and increase the chances of conversion and repeat business.