Our Solutions.

We offer a wide range of direct mail and print services that includes email marketing, creative design, list acquisition and data services. Our data and analytics services are designed to help target specific segments of your desired audience. We automate the process from printing and addressing to cost effectively deliver your mail. Additionally, we hold certifications such as G7,  SOC 2 Type 2, and we are HIPAA compliant. We take security and compliance seriously and offer services that meet these standards.

Postcard Campaigns

Our services include custom design and layout, printing, addressing, and seamlessly mailing through the United States Postal Service (USPS). The process includes data management and list segmentation to ensure that your mail is sent to the targeted audience. A simple postcard can be a cost-effective and efficient way to reach customers and prospects that will compliment your omnichannel marketing initiatives.

Billing Mailing Programs

These letters contain information regarding medical billing, payment, and other important information related to the patient and institution. Our stringent data security and validation software ensures the integrity of the mail piece.

Self-Mailers & Other Direct Mail Formats

As a direct mail company, we offer a variety of self-mailers and other direct mail formats. With our dedicated team, we are able to design, print and mail to a targeted mailing list. We work closely with clients to understand their product offerings, target audience and branding guidelines. We then use this information to design and layout a visually appealing and effective mail piece.

Postal Optimization.

We offer postal optimization services that help our clients to save money on their mailing campaigns while maintaining the highest standards of service. We also work closely with the USPS to ensure that our clients' mailings meet all postal regulations and guidelines. By using our postal optimization services, our clients can reduce mailing costs, increase their ROI and reach their target audience more effectively.

Services include commingle, copal, manifesting, entry-level, IHD planning and more.

Promotional Products

We collaborate with our clients to understand their branding, target audience, and promotional goals. We then use this information to source, design and produce high-quality promotional products such as t-shirts, pens, mugs, keychains, and other items that can be customized with the client's branding and message. Our promotional product service offers personalization and targeting features such as special offers and discounts. Promotional products are an efficient way for businesses to increase brand awareness, promote their services, and engage with their target audience.


Direct mail is a form of advertising that involves sending physical mail, such as postcards, letters, or catalogs, to a targeted group of individuals. The mail pieces can include text, images, and other forms of media to promote products, services, or events. Direct mail campaigns can be targeted to specific demographics, such as age, income, or location, and can include response mechanisms, such as coupons or return cards, to track the effectiveness of the campaign.

Direct mail is one of several forms of advertising, along with digital, television, and radio advertising. Direct mail is considered a targeted form of advertising, as it can be sent to specific demographics, whereas other forms of advertising may be more broad in their reach. Direct mail can be a cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience, but it may not be as measurable as digital forms of advertising.

Creating an effective direct mail campaign involves several steps, including identifying the target audience, creating a compelling message and design, and selecting an appropriate mailing list. It’s also important to test different elements of the campaign, such as the offer, the design, and the mailing list, to optimize the results. Additionally, it’s important to comply with regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR and to use postal optimization services to save money on the mailing campaign.

Measuring the effectiveness of a direct mail campaign can be done by using response mechanisms, such as coupons or return cards, to track the number of responses. Additionally, mail tracking services can be used to measure delivery and response rates. Additionally, you can use online analytics to track website visits and sales resulting from the direct mail campaign.

The best way to send bills through the mail is to use first-class mail or priority mail, as these services are more reliable and provide tracking information. Additionally, using windowed envelopes or pre-addressed return envelopes can make it easier for customers to respond to the bill.

To ensure that bills are delivered on time, it is important to use a reliable mailing service and to provide accurate and up-to-date mailing addresses for your customers. Additionally, using mail tracking services can help to monitor the delivery status of your bills and take action if there are any delays.

To reduce the costs of mailing bills, you can use postal optimization services, such as presort and bundle mail, and take advantage of postal discounts. Additionally, you can use electronic billing and payment methods to reduce the need for physical mailings.

To ensure compliance with regulations when mailing bills, it’s important to adhere to regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI DSS. Additionally, it’s important to use secure methods for handling and transmitting sensitive customer information, such as encryption and secure servers.