Production Capabilities

Capability Overview:

At Everest Direct, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art technology and centralized manufacturing facility located in Fletcher, North Carolina. This facility allows us to offer a one-stop-shop solution for all of your company’s needs.

Our hardware and software technologies are constantly evolving and at the forefront of industry developments, ensuring that we can provide the most efficient and effective solutions for our clients.

While we specialize in direct mail and print solutions, our product offerings are extensive and diverse. Additionally, we have the ability to create custom products to meet the specific needs of your company. This allows us to provide nearly unlimited solutions to help your business succeed.

In short, with our cutting-edge technology, centralized manufacturing facility and wide range of products and custom solution capabilities, we are well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions for your company.

Reach out to us today and we’d be happy to open our doors for a tour of our facility, we are sure you will be impressed.

Equipment List:

Digital Press:

  • Konica Minolta KM1e Digital UV Inkjet Press (Install year 2018).
  • HP Indigo 15k HD – 7 Color B2 Press (Install Year 2022).
  • Canon Prisma Prostream 3133 Digital Web Press (Install Year 2023 – First install in USA).
  • HP Indigo 7k Press (Install Year 2023).
  • Epson V7000 Flatbed Press (Install Year 2022).
  • Epson F3070 DTG Press (Install Year 2022).
  • Epson 2X F6370 DyeSub Presses (Install Year 2022).
  • Epson R5070L Resin Press (Install Year 2022).
  • Epson 4X SO60600L Solvent Presses (Install Year 2022).
  • Epson 2X P9570 Presses (Install Year 2022).
  • Epson 2X D1070 LAB Presses. (Install Year 2022).
  • Printware 2x 1175HS Envelope Press (Install Year 2019 and 2022).
  • Riso Comcolor 9150 (Install Year 2017).
  • Afinia L901 R2R HS Press (Install Year 2021).

Milling & Assembly:

  • Fletcher Terry TA-350 Auto Saw (Install Year 2019)
  • Weinig Unimat 218 6 head moulder  (Install Year 2021)
  • Weinig UniRip 210 5 Blade Rip Saw (Install Year 2021)
  • Fletcher Terry 3x U500 Under Pinners (Install Year 2021)
  • Weinig Profitjoint Eagle (Install Year 2023)
  • Weinig Opticut S50 Chopsaw  (Install Year 2023)

  • Polar 95X HS Carbon Fiber Cutting System.
  • Polar 115X HS Carbon Fiber Cutting System.
  • Kompac Onyx 30 UV/AQ B2+ Finishing System (6500 sheets/hr).
  • Duplo Pressure Sealer.
  • Summa 80 VacBed Roll to Sheet Cutter System with HF Heads.
  • Hunkeler Roll to Sheet Gen8 with Smart Stacker.
  • 2x GeoKnight Maxi Press.
  • DK3 Mug Press (5x).
  • Baum B26 4/4/4 Continuous Feed Paper Folder w/ 8pg Unit, 16pg Unit, and Desta Pressing Stacker.
  • Hix Ceramic Dryer Tunnel.
  • Hix Glass and Metals Dryer Tunnel.
  • 36” Gerrard Heat Tunnel.
  • 3x KD20A Clamshell Presses.
  • 2x Graphtec 64” HS Cutters.
  • MicroMailer Flex EX with 30” Bed + Tipping and L/R Plow Unit.
  • Lawson Alpine Max Conveyor Dryer Tunnel.
  • 2x ATF-9950 Stamp Affixing System.
  • MHP ST 40” Full Auto-Stretcher.
  • MHP SF 80” Full Auto-Stretcher.
  • 6x 60” Gallery Stretcher Pneumatics.
  • 4x StretchMaster Upright Pneumatic Stretchers.
  • 1x TA-25 Dual Head Tabbers.
  • Quadient DS1200 G4i High Speed Inserter with Flats Module.
  • Quadient DS1200 G4i High Speed Inserter.
  • Quadient DS1200 G4i High Speed Inserter with 5 pockets.
  • Bell & Howell ForeRunner 5720 with 4 pockets and in-line Stamp Buskro Stamp Affixing System.
  • Bell & Howell Producer TM with 4 pockets.
  • Bell & Howell Producer DM single sheet inserter. Ultra High-Speed